World famous BELARUS Tractors are known as the introducer of mechanized cultivation in Bangladesh. The strongest and most durable BELARUS Tractors is the symbol of trust and confidence among our farmers and developers.

The Bangladesh Sugar & Food Industries Corporation (BSFIC), the largest agro based industry in the country solely relies and depends on BELARUS Tractors for cane cultivation and Howling. Besides BSFIC Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC), different City Corporations, Bangladesh Army &Navy, Builders & Construction companies like Toma Construction, Abdul Monem Group, Navana Real Estate, Industries like Rahim Steel Mills are few examples of our valued customers. Besides that a large number of private customers are also regular users of BELARUS Tractors.

Unmatched BELARUS tractors are manufactured by Minsk Tractors Works (MTW), Minsk, Republic of Belarus established in 1946. Belarus” is of great value to us — not only commercial, but also to a certain extent patriotic.

A number of Models of various HP are being used by our valued customers for howling and cultivation purpose. Experts / specialists from the plant coupled with local experienced engineers and mechanics are constantly monitoring and providing after sale service to the customers. 100% original spare parts has been ensured for uninterrupted operation and durability of the tractors.

The “State-of-the-Art “ Assembling Plant, only one of its kind in Bangladesh was also set up under the Joint Technical Collaboration of Minsk Tractor Works in 1985.

Bangladesh is going forward. Belarus Tractors are a proud partner of the developments and progress.

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