Tractor "Belarus 422.1": small size and light weight, reliable 4-cylinder diesel engine, the relevant environmental requirements Tier 3A, PTO dependent 2-speed 540 and 1000 rev / min and simultaneous 2-speed 3.4 and 6.3 r / m of travel, comfortable cabin safe, front linkage and 2-speed dependent and synchronous PTO.

Capacity 49,8/36,6
Selective gear 16/8
Full scale pressure kg/cm²

Technical characteristics

Type four-stroke diesel with indirect injection
Brand mark LOMBARDINI LDW 2204 (Tier 3A)
Capacity, h.p/kW 36,6 (49,8)
Crankshaft speed, r/min 3000
Number of cylinders, pcs. 4
Displacement, l 2,068
Torque capacity, H.m2 125
Fuel rate at rated power, g/kW·h 329
Factor of torque backup, % 15
Fuel tank capacity, l 95
Category 0,6

Transmission system  
Flywheel clutch frictional, one-disk, constantly closed
Clutch control mechanical
Selective gear mechanical, with easy-engagement clutches
Number of gears FWD/BWD 16/8
Travel speed (forward/reverse), km/h 1,0-25,1/1,8-13,4
Back PTO shaft:  
dependent I, rpm 540
dependent II, rpm 1000
synchronous I, rpm of track 3,4
synchronous II, rpm of track 6,3
PTO control mechanical
Differential lock mechanical

Dimensions and weights  
Length, mm 3340
Width, mm 1570
Cab height, mm 2220
Wheelbase, mm 1850
Tread, mm:  
front wheels 1260 и 1410
rear wheels 1250 и 1400
Road gleam, under the forward bridge / under the back bridge, mm 370
Min turning radius, m 3,7
Fordable depth, m 0,45
Operated Weight, kg 2100
Tyre Sizes:  
front 210/80R16
back 11,2 – 20

Hydraulic hitch system: versatile, unit-principle  
Loading capacity on an axis of hinges of the lower drafts, kgf 1700
Full scale pressure, kgf/cm2 200
Pump capacity, l/min 27
Hydraulics reservoir capacity, l 19

Brakes: service and parking - disc in oil bath. Mechanical brake control, separate the right and left rear wheels.

Steering: hydrostatic, with a metering pump, hydraulic steering cylinder.

Front Drive Axle: portal type, with planetary spur reduction gears, with limited slip differential and the ratchet automatically activated when rear wheel slippage.

Electrical equipment: genset power 65As rectified voltage 14 V starting system with 12 V and glow plugs.

Сab: comfortable, safe, with filtering and heating the air in the cabin, with a heat-absorbing glass, opening side and rear windows, electric windshield and rear window and windshield washer, with the instrument panel with electronic information device and pointers, controlling and informing about the operation of the tractor.

Additional options

- front loads;
- height adjustable swinging drawbar;
- Front hitch and Front PTO;
- towing fork.

To order completing units address to the dealers in your region