CORONA GROUP, pioneered mechanized cultivation in Bangladesh and takes pride in contributing to today’s food solvency in the country. Late T.R. Chowdhury the founder, established Corona Group  in 1982 and emphasized on mechanization of agriculture to augment food production. Country’s balanced socio-economic development was no way possible without food solvency for a huge and growing population. His mission and vision was to bring the country under food solvency through mechanized cultivation.

Since independence in 1971 the Russians came forward to support the newly born country to restore and develop important sectors. Late T.R. Chowdhury had the privilege of serving various government organizations in collaboration with the then USSR companies in Gas Exploration, Power Generation, Port development, Communication, Industrialization, Agriculture, Military advancement (Bangladesh Army) to name a few. Our ‘State of the Art’, the only one of it’s kind, Assembling Plant of the world famous Belarus Tractors and equipments was set up in 1985 at Sonargaon, Dhaka, at Corona Industries Ltd. under the technical collaboration with the then USSR enterprise ‘V/O TRACTOROEXPORT ‘has enabled us to emerge as the largest provider of match less tractors and agricultural equipments in the country. Belarus Tractors by its performance and service earned the confidence of organizations like Defense, Bangladesh Sugar & food Industries Corporation (BSFIC), Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC), Bangladesh Forest Industries Development Corporation (BFIDC), Local Government and Engineering Department (LGED), City Corporations, construction and development firms, tea gardens, industries and large in the private firms.

Established in 1996, CORONA Information Technology Ltd. pioneered in web-based Software Development in the country assisting Governmental  Ministries, Financial Institutions, Export Oriented Industries, Business Houses, Foreign Development Partners and Agencies. CORONA IT also takes pride in developing the first e-Commerce site, e-Electronic and Print Media through web based software development. We were one of the initiators of on job training facilities to train and develop software programmers and website developers to enrich the country’s information technology sector. 

Our Jewel in the Crown is the “CORONA GOLD” Brand agro products produced from 100% Pure indigenous raw materials and is a symbol of Bangladeshi smell and taste. The main objective of the brand is to give true value to the farmers for their production and to give pure food ingredients to the consumers.

The reputation that Corona has earned has been strengthened by 3 basic principles: RIGHT PRODUCTS; QUALITY and AFTER SALES SERVICE. Since inception we have formed an expert team of mechanics in supervision with Russian experts, who are always ready to commit themselves at any time for our customers’ need and want at any corner of the country. For tractors, we have always confirmed and ensured original Spare Parts, set by our trained mechanics for the tractors to move on and sustain at any given condition. For LUKOIL, we have a team of qualified Marine Engineers and Lubricant Experts who constantly are in touch with our valued customers, monitoring their engine performance.

To maintain the quality of the lubricant, we ensure regular tests of lubricant samples from their engines at modern-tech laboratories in Dubai and Singapore. Our experts are always there to update and provide consultation to our customers for necessary steps based on these test reports.

The world has seen remarkable industrial growth of Bangladesh along with development in every sector importantly communication and power generation and has been recognized as the emerging economic tiger in South East Asia.  Contributions of Bangladeshi entrepreneurs for their excellence in innovation, hard work, coupled with modern technology and equipment accelerated the overall growth of Bangladesh. Our mission to introduce LUKOIL brand lubricants was to support these modern engines and equipment’s that are being used now a day for industrialization and communication advancement. Since its introduction in Bangladesh, Partnering with Meghna Petroleum Ltd., Bangladesh Shipping Corporation, Brave Royal, Vanguard Maritime, Bashundhara Shipping, Bangladesh Power Development Board(BPDB), Summit Power Limited, Digital Power Company Ltd, Rural Po wer Company Ltd (RPCL), BPDB-RPCL-Powergen, Opex-Sinha Textile Group, Anwar Group, Lusaka Group, ACME Pharmaceuticals, Saif PowerTek, Shung Shing Group, Abul Khair Group, Meghna (Fresh) Group, have all been a trusted friend and Patron of LUKOIL. God willing, we will be able to  ensure smooth operation and longevity of these valuable equipments.

Apart from the usual business, Corona is also engaged in different Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities by ways of donating in Child Education, Health Care, Tree Plantation and Zakat during festivities.

We at “CORONA GROUP’ are grateful to Late T.R.Chowdhury, the founding father for his visionary and inspiring capabilities that has supported us all along with our country men to enjoy the recognition of emerging economic tiger in the sub continent.  

Last but not the least; we would like to be a “Service Provider above the Rest”. We are counting on your support in this endeavor of ours.