LUKOIL, a trusted name in the world of lubricants had set foot into the arena of Bangladesh some 4 years ago and has been proudly associated with the industrialization of this nation. Marine, Power generation, Industrial and automotive sectors are some of the major arena where LUKOIL is now a trusted name.

Since its introduction in Bangladesh, Partnering with Meghna Petroleum Ltd., Bangladesh Shipping Corporation, Brave Royal, Vanguard Maritime, Bashundhara Shipping, Bangladesh Power Development Board(BPDB), Summit Power Limited, Digital Power Company Ltd, Rural Power Company Ltd (RPCL), BPDB-RPCL-Powergen, Opex-Sinha Textile Group, Anwar Group, Lusaka Group, ACME Pharmaceuticals, Saif PowerTek, Shung Shing Group, Abul Khair Group, Meghna (Fresh) Group, have all been a trusted friend and Patron of LUKOIL.

Certified by API and having OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) approval from world renowned engine manufacturers like WARTSILA, MAN B&W, MERCEDES BENZ, PORSCHE, BMW, ROLLS-ROYCE, CATERPILLAR, GE JENBACHER, MAN, VOLVO, SCANIA, DEUTZ, CUMMINS, NIIGATA, DAIHATSU, YANMAR, LUKOIL has proven its quality and performance in every operation of Marine, Power Generation, Industrial and automotive.

Established in 1991, LUKOIL is now the leader of Russian Oil Companies and is the second largest oil company in the world after Chevron.

LUKOIL’s operations are organized under three business segments: Exploration and Production, Refining, Marketing and Distribution. Globally introduced in 2007 under joint technical collaboration with the Germans, LUKOIL within a very short span of time has captured 10% of the global Lubricant market with a growth rate of 35-40% year over year.

Prominent presence of LUKOIL in whole of Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and the USA is visible now.. This great feat has been possible for the engineering and innovative excellence of German Technology and Russian natural resources. As a result, world reputed customers like M.S.C, Hapag Lloyd, Tanker Pacific, Bernhard Shulte, United Arab Shipping Company to name a few are now contracted to LUKOIL Marine Lubricants.

To match customer’s requirements from a small engine to a ship, aviation, power and industries, small and heavy duty vehicles LUKOIL has set up a modern R&D Department to constantly develop and formalize high quality lubricants that modern engineering demands.

Since inception, CORONA GROUP has been a proud partner in the development of various sectors in the country. Similarly, our mission to introduce LUKOIL brand lubricants is also to support these modern engines and equipment’s that are being used now a days for industrialization and communication. God willing, we will be able to ensure smooth operation and longevity of your valuable equipments.