High-quality oils for trunk-piston medium-speed marine diesel engines operating on heavy diesel fuel under the most severe conditions

Due to their excellent neutralization capacity in operation on heavy diesel fuels, the LUKOIL NAVIGO TREO series oils ensure the cleanness of an engine, particularly, of the outside and inside surfaces of the piston, housing, camshaft and other parts. These oils feature perfect oxidation resistance at high temperatures, thermal stability, low volatility, ample lubricating properties, good water resistance and low emulsifiability, they easily purge water during separation and can perfectly protect diesel engine parts against corrosion.


NAVIGO TPEO is a range of extra high quality detergent trunk piston engine oils containing different levels of alkalinity and extra high quality detergents recommended for highly rated, medium speed trunk piston engines running on residual fuel with a maximum sulphur content of 4.5% weight. The total alkaline content has to be in line with fuel sulphur content, oil consumption rate, size of oil charge and operating load profile Hence the BN level ranges from 12mgKOH/g for some diesel generators running mainly a part load profile up to 50 and 55mgKOH/g for engines with very low oil consumption.

The detergency level offers exceptional cleanliness including piston undercrown.

It is also suitable for plain bearings of turbocharges, for most reduction gears, shaft bearings, sturn tube and seals.

  • Outstanding thermal and oxidation stability and exellent detergency and dispersancy
    • Exceptional deposit control including oil-cooled piston undercrown
    • Leads to clean engine parts and spaces
    • Good viscosity and insoluble control
    • Optimized oil consumption and longer oil change intervals
  • Extended oil life due to efficient water separating properties and BN retention
  • Rust and corrosion properties
  • Exellent wear protection, including piston grooves
  • Approved by major engine manufacturers

The products are available in drums of approximately 205 liters.