Ashless Turbine Oil LUKOIL TORNADO T

LUKOIL TORNADO T is a family high quality turbine oils based on synthetic technology base oils with very high-performance ashless additive package. The lubricants are produced in viscosity grades ISO VG 32 & 46. The oils are designed to meet the latest requirements to lubricants for modern steam and gas turbines, including those coupled with gearboxes. The lubricant designed and approved with participation of world leading turbines manufacturers.

LUKOIL TORNADO T provide high level of antioxidant, antiwear and anticorrosion protection, minimize sludge formation, are compatible with seals.

The lubricants are ajusted to modern turbine installations.



- LUKOIL TORNADO T demonstrates:
- remarkable reduction of the carbon build up
- better oil/air and oil/condensates separation
- excellent protection of the turbine units against wear and corrosion
- outstanding thermal and oxidation stability and hence increased drain interval
- excellent hydrolytic stability and demulsibility
- good antifoam behavior.

The use LUKOIL TORNADO T allows real cut in the operating costs for electricity production and increase equipment life.


Siemens TLV 901304 (ISO VG 32)
Siemens TLV 901305 (ISO VG 46)
MAN Turbo (ISO VG 46)


DIN 51515 part 1 (L-TD) и 2 (L-TG)
ISO 6743/5 (L-TSA, L-TGA, L-TGB)
ISO 8068 type AR, BS 489

Product is manufactured according to: STO 79345251-036-2009