Machine slideways oil LUKOIL SLIDO

LUKOIL SLIDO are high quality industrial oils for machine slideways and sliding tables of both linear and rotational types. Outstanding performance of LUKOIL SLIDO lubricants ensures smooth, continuous motion of workpieces. They are highly effective in centralized lubrication systems, feeding both hydraulic equipment, and slideways.

LUKOIL SLIDO 32 and LUKOIL SLIDO 68 lubricants are designed for hydraulic systems and slideways, including program controlled precision machinery. LUKOIL SLIDO 150 andLUKOIL SLIDO 220 lubricants are designed only for heavy loaded tables and some types of vertical slides.

LUKOIL SLIDO are formulated using refined mineral base stock with high viscosity index and selected additive package. They offer low friction factor, high adhesion to metal surfaces, good filterability, exceptional anticorrosion protection and antifoam properties.

LUKOIL SLIDO are designed to meet the latest requirements to lubricants for precision and high-output machinery.


LUKOIL SLIDO are recommended for machinery slideways, hydraulic systems, and drive gears.


Cinсinnati Machine P-47, P-50, P-53



Product is manufactured according to: TU 0253-014-79345251-2008 (as mod. 1-3)